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Stuck in the Roundpen

Stuck in the Round Pen


 For those who've never trained a horse, there’s something you should know......

 It’s about what’s called the Round Pen. It’s where most horses go to learn to follow signals thru a tender teaching touch. But, horses in the round pen can only learn so much. Pretty soon, a cowboy needs to let the pony out so it can use what it’s been taught. Cause training’s all about just getting ready for the ride and knowing what to do when challenges and obstacles pop up in front of you.

 Like ponies, we can study until the cows come home in the safety of our round pen. But really, we should roam outside our Bible study group, outside our churches walls and use our training where it counts, in grocery stores or malls or at the doctor’s office, or any other place where we can show God’s saving love and talk about His Grace.

 But, I’m just like a fresh-broke colt that shivers at the thought of leaving comfort zones behind. I’d really rather not put my faith out on display where others criticize so I seek incognito ways I can evangelize. I can talk about the weather, TV shows and foreign aid. I can argue over politics or the latest sports team trade. But when it comes to life and death, I seek my comfort zone cause there’s no confrontation in my round pen all alone.

 But God’s Word says to go and do. So, I must get a grip. Security’s not the round pen, it’s in relationship. The closer that I get to God, the more my faith increases and when I leave my round pen, I won’t go to pieces. I’ll walk and talk with confidence about my transformation since I accepted Jesus Christ, the gateway to salvation. I know that God is faithful and with Him I’ll succeed

 so let’s all leave the round pen with Jesus in the lead.


 By; Jeff Hildebrandt.